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We guarantee to offer you the most Affordable prices of any Metal Roofing Contractors in the business. Most modular homes, doublewides, and small homes can be done in a day or two with minimal cost in labor and materials to the homeowner, we always give fair prices on the jobs we bid, and try to explain every aspect of what will go into their new Metal Roof by Competitive Edge. Contact us today to get an estimate on your home and get your price!, priced affordably by Competitive Edge Metal Roofing !!! We are fully insured, References are available upon request, all you have to do is ask! Don’t be fooled by other roofing companies that give you an estimate then when you receive the bill it’s significantly higher than what they had quoted,  here at Competitive Edge Roofing we don’t just give an estimate, we give a guaranteed price on what the total for everything on your roof will cost. And we also give  a 10 year guarantee  on all of our  labor  in addition  to  a 40 year  warranty  on all of our  Metal !

We accept Cash, Check, and all major credit cards

Roof types and costs estimates:

Singlewides: 3,000 or under

Doublewides, modulars and 1 story homes: 5,500 or under

Large 2 story homes: 10,000 and under

These prices show an estimated price,  though every roof will vary this gives you a ballpark figure of what a new Metal Roof will cost.  They are also on the high end of prices, Some doublewides can be done as low as 3, 000!
Metal Roofing Prices Henderson, NC

Metal Roofing Prices Mebane, NC

Metal Roofing Prices Durham, NC

Metal Roofing Prices Oxford, NC

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